Ray-Ban Mirror Aviators 62mm X-Large Now Available – New Colors Out

08 jul, 2017

The time has come…one of the most asked questions we got since the hot Ray-Ban aviator mirror flash sunglasses came out is, “when will the 62mm (x-large) frame size be available?” Well, they are finally here!

Get the flash blue, green and red mirror flash aviators in a 62mm (X-Large) lens size now.

Ray-Ban Aviator Green lens Sunglasses RB 3025

But wait…there’s more. We got a new color that will rock your world. The new Ray-Ban RB 3025 in a black frame with GRADIENT MIRROR colors which is new for this style and Ray-Ban. We are absolutely in love with these frames. Check out out. These are all available in all sizes, 55mm, 58mm, and 62mm.

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